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hope you like my blog; it might get offensive sometimes. that's life.

nothing i say or do will survive past the people who were there to witness it; so i hope and pray that God shines through all of my shenanigans.




I’m sick of people wrongly defining bisexuality. It’s not ‘attraction to both men and women’ it’s about being attracted to ‘bi’ things like bicycles, binoculars, bilinguals and binary coding smh

So glad someone finally cleared this up.


April 8, 1991 - Per “Dead” Ohlin of the band Mayhem slashes his wrists and throat and shoots himself in the head. Upon finding the body, fellow Mayhem member, Euronymous, promptly gets a camera, rearranges the scene, and takes photos. The image above later became the cover of a bootleg album.




thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

Game of Thrones. A very happy series with a wide range of cast members and it’s just a positive series